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5 Important Things of the Olympic Games

1. Olympic Flag

The Olympic flag is a white flag, containing some ripples that appear very nicely during its throbbing in the air, and it must contain four colored circles interconnected with each other, each circle represents a continent of the five continents, and this science is one of the things Which aims to fill the Olympic Games, namely, to strengthen inter-continental ties regardless of any differences or problems, in order to forget the hatred that prevails among many countries.
The Olympic flag is the idea of ​​the Frenchman Bieber de Coubertin, one of the few who still has a touch of understatement in the Olympic Games.

2. Olympic Swearing

The Olympic Swearing is read on the opening day of the Olympic Games, read by the greatest athletes in the host country of the Olympic Games, and Bieber is the Frenchman of this section. The text of the values ​​includes one phrase: “We swear that we accept the Games as honest players, and we seek to share with them an honor, the honor of our country and the glory of sport. »

3. The Olympic Song

The Olympic song was adopted by the Olympic Committee. The first time the Olympic anthem was played was the Athens session in 1896. The anthem was a quotation from some Greek music, and it is still recited.

4. The Olympic Slogan

This Slogan is located at the entrances of all the stadiums where the matches are held, which is a slogan that carries the spirit of competition among the competitors in the matches.

5. Olympic agreement

It is a constitution that includes all the laws, regulations and courses of the Olympic Games. It is also aware of all provisions adopted by the IOC in order to reduce mistakes or avoid problems between participants or between the jury.

Olympic Games

As we know, the Olympic Games are the same as the rest of the events, during which many ceremonies take place, all of which carry the same goal, namely, the universal friendship and peaceful cooperation.

The ceremony begins with the opening ceremony, in which all the countries participating in the Olympic Games are reviewed. Delegations begin to intervene in the opening, which is the delegation of the countries participating in the Games. The ceremony begins with a little of purposeful music, fine works of art, and then some of the speeches of some important people, as well as the exchange of the Olympic flame.

The start of the Olympic Games is announced after the last runners torch the torch, the Olympic Games are announced by the host country president of the Olympic teams, and a swarm of pigeons is released into the air in order to get hope through these baths that express peace.

The Olympic flag and the Olympic section are among the most important things to do during the opening ceremony. We also mentioned that science represents the union and synergy between the participating countries in the Olympic Games, and the section also represents a kind of fulfillment towards participation in the Olympic Games.

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Experience how the Olympic Games medals are designed

The first Olympic Games began

The Greek legend “Hercules” was the first to appear at the Olympic Games, and the oldest recordings he received in these games were in 776 BC. The Olympic Games were held every four years, for more than 1000 years, and the Romanians stopped these games in 394 BC.
The Greeks believed that the games they play are of great importance and that these games are an embodiment of the Greeks’ ideals of mind, spirit and body. There is nothing to stop these games even if there are wars. If a country goes through any kind of war, the date of the games has come to an end.

The Olympic Games

The Olympic Games are the Olympic sports selected by the International Olympic Committee and include about seven sports competing in the Winter Olympics, such as ice skating, ice hockey, and about 26 sports to be played at the Olympic Games. Summer activities such as swimming, snorkeling, archery, volleyball, and equestrian.

Olympic medals

Is an Olympic necklace or medal awarded to Olympic athletes based on specific rules? There are three categories of medals:

  • Gold Medal: awarded to the winner in the first place.
  • Silver medal: awarded to the winner in second place.
  • Bronze Medal: Awarded to the winner of the rank.

Production and Design of Olympic Medals

The medal specifications are determined by the World Olympic Committee, which agree to design in final form after negotiation with the local Olympic Committee of the host country.

There are a set of rules that cannot be exceeded:

BENEFICIARIES: The medal wins the best of three designers’ competitors. Shape: Usually circular and includes a ring to tie the tape, or smooth to carry the medal.

Diameter: not less than 60 millimeters.
Fish: minimum 3 mm.


Gold Medal: Made of 925 silvers and plated with 6 grams of gold.

Silver medal: Made of 925 silvers.

Bronze: Usually made from a combination of copper with zinc and tin.

Event Details:

Male game won by the medalist.

The criteria for the ranking of countries in the Olympic Games are the reason for the number of gold medals won by the state.

If the number of gold medals is equal, countries are ranked according to silver medals.

If the number of gold medals is equal to the number of silver medals, the number of bronze medals awarded by the countries will be determined. If the number of gold, silver and bronze medals is equal, countries are arranged in alphabetical order according to their codes at the International Olympic Committee.

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Essentials anybody should know about Olympic Games

Definition of Olympic Games

Introduction Sports and sports have not been a concern for the modern era. Everyone has been interested in sport since time immemorial, and matches have been held between racers. But what distinguishes sports from sport today is the set of rules and rules that govern them, Serve sports and athletes.

Olympic Games

The Olympic Games include a variety of sports, both winter and summer, which are open to both sexes and games. They do not restrict or limit the Olympic Games, Person in participation.
The Olympic Games are held every two years. The games are held in the same place during the summer and winter periods, and the Olympic Games were named for their first appearance in the Greek Olympiad city.

Today, the Olympic Games have more than one side. It has become the international sports federations. It also includes the national Olympic committees as well as the Olympic Special Olympics Committees. The Olympic Committee is responsible for choosing the city to host the Olympic Games, Olympic Games and Organization.
Before the Olympic Games, the Games will be agreed upon and the logos and symbols used will be agreed upon. The most important symbols and logos are the Olympic torch and the Olympic flag.

Today, the Olympic Games have become a participant from every country. Almost all countries are participating in the Olympic Games, but corruption has not entered into the organizations responsible for organizing the Olympic Games; bribes have been made available to officials in order to win and fame. And thus, the hatred began to arise between States

The Olympics History

It is said that the Greeks were the first to discover the idea of ​​the Olympic Games, which was taken from the Phoenicians. They were residents of the East Coast, and so many sports were held in that area during the periods of festivities in the ideological festivals.
But the sport in the old Olympics consisted of only one sport, sprinting or sprinting, and was held between a large number of participants. The distance traveled during that period was 192 meters and was held once every four years.

Then the developments began to appear on the Olympic Games gradually, until they reached the last form we see today, the Olympic Games include many activities, in addition to many symbols used during the Olympic Games

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4 Most famous entertainments Games Cities in London


The city of London or the city of fog, the largest city of the United Kingdom, is located in the south-east of Britain on the River Thames, with a population of 15 million people distributed in the inner neighborhoods of the city and its suburbs, which made it the largest cities of Europe, which strengthened the cultural, Political issues.

The city has many educational centers such as schools, institutes and universities, most notably the University of London, and contains many historical and archaeological sites of churches, gardens, bridges and others, giving them cultural significance, and meet in London many entertainment cities that provide entertainment , And entertainment on the city.


Games Cities in London

Thrupp Park is the largest gaming city in the United Kingdom. Located in Chertsey, London, Thurup Park attracts many visitors every year from different age groups. Public transport or train can be used to reach the park, which is half an hour away. The park has various games for the whole family.
The park is divided into several parts, the main entrance known as the Atlantis Dome, the Hunting City, Canada Creek for surfing, and the Calypso Pier, which consists of three sections: The Lost City, the Old City, and the Kingdom of Neptune, And the new Suram Island area.


Blackpool City

1 - 4 Most famous entertainments Games Cities in London

Blackpool is located on the coast of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is one of the most important and most popular coastal cities, offering many entertainment on beaches. The city has many tourist sites including: Golden Beaches, Fun Beach, Winter Gardens, Zoo, Blackpool Tower the Eiffel Tower, which opened in 1894, is 158 meters above ground. At the bottom of the tower are many restaurants, entertainment centers and ballrooms within the tower, a circus inside the tower and a large theater that combines woodwork, ballet, drama.


Alton Tours

2 - 4 Most famous entertainments Games Cities in London

Elton Tours is located in Stavore Dachir County, UK, opened in April 1980. The city has all the attractions of the whole family. The city has a resort with its effects, glaciers, bubbles and snow, and the park is the most popular to enjoy. Hotels that provide good services, as well as a water park.


City of Chivington

3 - 4 Most famous entertainments Games Cities in London

An amusement park and a zoo, from the nearest amusement park to London, can be reached by train or by bus, a city full of interesting and enjoyable adventures where the visitor can stay as long as possible, including the City of Games, Town.

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11 Dangers of electronic games you should put in your mind


Children’s games Today’s children’s toys are not limited to the toys that children play in their hands. They are located in the electronic devices, which enable children to communicate with them and thus attach to them, and the periods of time spent by the child in front of these screens are gradually increasing.: Computer games, smart phone games, and PlayStation.

We cannot judge these games as absolutely useless, but we must be aware that they are not good for our children if they are used in the wrong ways and at the wrong times, because this will cause many of the negative and damaging effects on the child that we will mention in this article.

  • Damage to electronic games causes many damage to human memory, so that it affects the health of memory in the long term.
  • Adversely affect brain activity, causing laziness and exhaustion, and causing stress.
  • In the event of child addiction to electronic games, will cause him introversion and isolation from the outside world, as he would prefer to stay in front of the screen and play to deal with others, and this will cause him depression over time.
  • The child will find it difficult to deal with others and may lead to autism. It will affect many body organs negatively and cause them damage over time, such as the eyes, brain, and genitals.
  • Causes physical, mental and neurological stress of children.
  • Damage to the muscles of the neck, back, shoulders.
  • They are affected by violent electronic games, which leads to their tendency to violence and aggression in dealing with others.
  • The impact on the level of school for the child and may cause addiction to electronic games failure and failure; because this will take time the child will not find time to study in addition to the child’s sense of laziness and mental inactivity, which reduces the absorption and understanding of school materials.
  • Lack of access to effective dialogue with parents, which affects the current and future personality, especially in adolescence, which needs to be properly assessed by the parents for his behavior and feelings.
  • The presence of ideas unfamiliar to our society in the imported electronic games, so children will see many things that are forbidden to him without parental control or the community to him, so he will adopt an abnormal character in the future.
  • High lighting and loud music of some electronic games will cause serious damage to the health and health of the child.

In light of the great electronic development today, we cannot prevent the child from playing some electronic games, but on the condition that there is parental supervision on the type of these games and the extent of the benefit or harm to the child, in addition to a specific time to play with different controls, The child continuously and discuss all the things of his life, and end it with some positive things, such as going out with parents for a walk or play with other children as normal.

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