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 Please have a look at details of our new game, ‘Steam Donkey’ launched via Kickstarter

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2061897488/steam-donkey-an-original-steam-punk-card-game-desi - thanks, Gary.

To pre-order, to make sure of getting a copy, click  - Steam Donkey.

To order copies of ‘Promised Land  1250-587 BC’ see details below:

For images from the game click here

 Standard -  this is  the full game in card ie without wooden pieces and cloth map;

 Deluxe -  this is the standard game plus wooden pieces for the Patriarchs, cities, temples and the Ark

There are a handful of super deluxe copies left -  this is the deluxe game plus the hallmark Ragnar Brothers cloth  map - email me direct to check availability.

To buy direct from Ragnar Brothers click on the secure Paypal button:

- all prices include shipping cost - for Canada and Rest of World (non-Europe) use USA button.

UK Promised Land 1250-587 BC
Europe Promised Land 1250-587 BC
USA Promised Land 1250-587 BC

Promised Land 1250-587 BC rules clarifications - click here.

German translation of the rules to ‘Promised Land 1250-587 BC’ - click here.

Link to Player Aid for promised Land 1250-587 BC

Link to video run through of Promised Land...: http://boardgamegeek.com/video/39084/promised-land-1250-587-bc/promised-land-how-to-play-unauthorised


Workshop of the World alternative bidding system (Final Showdown)

New rules pdf for Workshop.... with new auction system.

The Gaming Parlour.

Workshop test

‘Workshop of the World’ - ‘Best new board game 2010’ award at UK Games Expo, June 2010.

 Less than 200 copies left.        German WOTW rules here

Ragnar Brothers Price List - email gary.dicken@ntlworld.com to order.

Anyways - Fast paced word game - only 150 copies left at £15.00 + £1 p&p in the UK.

Workshop of the World - ‘Best New Board Game 2010’ at UK Games Expo £16.00 + £1 p&p in the UK.

Brief History of the World - Sold out!

Where there’s a Will - £10.00 + £1 p&p in the UK.

Blooming Gardens - £10.00 +£1 p&p in the UK.

Backpacks and Blisters - Sold out! Any company interested in a reprint/reworking contact Gary by email.

More Backpacks and Blisters - £15.00 +£1 p&p in the UK.

Whipping Bobby Lee - £8.00  +£1 p&p in the UK.

Monastery - £12.00 +£1 p&p in the UK.


Canal Mania

2nd Edition

Sold out at Ragnar Brothers. There may be some copies in a few games stores.

Viking Fury

£17.00 + £1 p&p in the UK. - signed copies on request.

Email gary.dicken@ntlworld.com to order.


Now reprinted by MMP

A game concerning the civil war in Angola. The decisions a player makes about how he or she orders the elements of his or her command are the crucial factors that determine the outcome of combat and the capture of towns.


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